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what is it?
you love cream blush because it leaves you with a natural, glowy, skin-like finish.
you hate cream blush because it's oily/greasy, thick, blotchy & doesn't last.
with #BubbleBlush we kept all the things you love about cream brush, and cancelled all the things you hate about cream blush, heres how: 
the pigment in #BubbleBlush is suspended in an ingredient called dimethicone, which is a pore blurring & mattifying substance mostly used in primers.
this is going to ensure your blush goes on seamlessly, smooths out your skin & leaves you with a radiant finish that lasts.
what makes it different?
instead of being super pigmented, #BubbleBlush goes on like a translucent wash of colour - and the shade selection is designed to look natural on the skin, like someone came along and pinched your cheeks as opposed to harsh pink's, reds & purples. 
applying #BubbleBlush with your fingers warms up & activates the emollients inside the formula, which leaves you with a dewy, glowy, sheen like finish. 
applying #BubbleBlush with a brush / sponge leaves you with a semi-matte finish.  


a no fuss blush that adds warmth & dimension to your faceno clown vibes.

#BubbleBlush performs incredibly on a range of skin tones, and can be used on the cheeks, eyes & lips.